Parcel Tracking

All shipments ordered through our system are assigned a unique tracking number (laid out as PSxxxxxxxxxx). You can find these tracking numbers in the Shipments Overview section (under your account or in an e-mail from Parcelspot with your order confirmation). If you do not have the tracking number, please contact Customer Support.

Our simple tracking tool allows you to track your parcel’s entire journey – from where it started its route, to what its current location is, to its estimated delivery, to where we are going to deliver it, and who received the parcel upon delivery (and when).

Did you know?

We use parcel data collected from our Courier Partners. Your shipment status may not match its actual location because the Couriers update their data semi-continuously. This may cause temporary delays in the shipment tracking updates.

For foreign shipments, the only transits that are recorded are transhipments (e.g. the parcel in England is registered after leaving South Africa through a transit point in Germany and consequently the receipt of a transhipment in England is recorded).

Please note that we can only track shipments ordered via Parcelspot’s system with the format PSxxxxxxxxxx. Rhenus Express, DPD Laser and FedEx packages cannot be tracked using our tool.