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Can I ship car tyres together with rims?

Yes. However, each tyre on a disc must be ordered as a separate package when making a shipping order. Each tyre must be wrapped in shrink wrap for the driver to stick a label on it.

If you are sending tyres only (no rims), divide four tyres into two packages with two tyres in each. Please tighten the two tires together properly with shrink wrap.

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Can I send multiple parcels in one order?

Most courier companies can ship multiple packages in one order. Simply specify the number of parcels you need to send in the first screen of your quote. (Note: parcels shall not be tied together.) The driver will label each parcel accordingly - please advise on which parcel is intended to go to which recipient and the relevant addresses so that they can be delivered to the correct place.

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Can I ship fragile goods?

Yes, provided that the fragile goods are packaged securely (please see our packaging tips). The parcel must be labelled on all sides with "Fragile" stickers to notify the courier driver that the contents are fragile and therefore needs gentle handling. We also suggest complying with the list of forbidden package contents. Package contents that are't restricted from transport but are on the list of limited responsibility can be shipped - however, the customer will have no reimbursement rights should any damages occur.  We recommend taking out protection cover on your shipment as well - simply add the value of the contents of your parcel to the "PROTECTION" field when pulling a quote.

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Which package contents are allowed, and which are restricted?

Please visit this page for a list of restricted and prohibited items.

International shipments are subject to the restrictions imposed by the particular destination countries. Restrictions are usually placed on alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, drugs and fuel.

The sender is responsible for the contents of the parcel and should always check with the customs office at the designated country to ensure that the particular goods being sent are allowed for import.

International shipments might be subject to inspection and a bill of lading (B/L) might be required. If the sender cannot provide the B/L when it is we requested, the shipment might be returned.

We suggest complying with the list of restricted items in packages.  Goods that aren't restricted from shipping but are on the limited responsibility list can be shipped. However, the Customer will have no reimbursement rights should damages occur.  We recommend taking out protection cover on the shipment by adding the value of the contents to the "PROTECTION" field when pulling a quote.

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How do I determine my parcel's weight if I have no scales?

You can still estimate your parcel's weight without scales. For small packages, you can compare the weight to a bottle of water, for example. For larger parcels, step on body scales with the package and again without the package, then calculate the weight difference.

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How do I pack my parcel correctly?

A properly packed parcel that is ready for the courier meets the following requirements:

  • Reflects the package weight.
  • Contents are secure and protected.
  • Suitable for processing by an automatic conveyor belt.
  • Is stackable (contents are protected enough to hold five times the package weight being placed on top of it).
  • All lids and holes are secured in such a manner that it cannot be opened easily.
  • Empty spaces between the inside of the box and the contents are filled in.
  • The shrink wrap is not shrunk with printouts over it.
  • Is not tied.
  • All old shipping labeles are removed from used boxes.

Find out more about proper packaging here.

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Does my package have to be wrapped?

Yes.  The package has to be packed in such a manner that its contents are protected against damage. Claims on incorrectly packaged parcels that get damaged will be rejected. Get some packaging tips here.

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