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If you are looking for information about how our service works, what we offer, you are in the right place. We prepared for you a selection of the most frequently asked questions divided into categories by query type.
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What does it mean to "use sender / recipient address as a billing address"?

If you choose “use sender address as billing address” - the sender will receive two e-mails - one with a new order confirmation with a payment link and another with an invoice and parcel tracking link once payment has been processed. If you choose the second option, both emails are sent to the recipient.

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How do I print a waybill?

The system will e-mail the sender the waybill once successful payment has been made.

Alternatively, you can login to your account (if you have registered one) and print the waybill directly from the orders list. Click on Options -> Print Waybill.

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What do I enter into the "Reference number" field?

Filling in this field is optional and is mostly used by businesses to fill in their reference numbers (their own invoice or order numbers, for example). If a reference number is not required, please leave this blank.

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Can I get credit?

Please contact us - our Sales Department will provide you with information on our partnership and contract options.

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Can I send multiple parcels in one order?

Most courier companies can ship multiple packages in one order. Simply specify the number of parcels you need to send in the first screen of your quote. (Note: parcels shall not be tied together.) You will need to attach a waybill to each parcel. If the collection occurs at one location and several shipments are being delivered to different locations, simply fill in the details for the first delivery location and add to cart, then click on "Add another parcel" and repeat until all the parcels are done. You will then only pay once for all your shipments under one order. The onus is on the sender to ensure that the correct waybills are attached to the correct parcels.

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What do I enter in the "Collection Note" or "Delivery Note" fields when creating an order?

Filling in these fields is optional. Use these for instructions to be given to the courier when collecting your parcel (e.g. if the driver needs to collect from security at the gate, or if the driver has to hoot upon arrival as the recipient’s doorbell is not working). NB! If you have no instructions to impart, please leave blank.

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Can I get a discount if I make many regular orders?

If you run an e-commerce site, you have a store, you're a business or you sell your products through third-party internet platforms, we will offer you special terms and prices. You can learn more about our special offers here. Contact us - we have solutions for everyone.

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Can I use a billing address that is different to either the sender’s or recipient’s address?

This can be done in the second last step of the checkout process in “Order Summary”. Above “Order Details”, click on “Edit billing address”. A table will be shown in which you can enter your required billing address.

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