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If you are looking for information about how our service works, what we offer, you are in the right place. We prepared for you a selection of the most frequently asked questions divided into categories by query type.
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What are the parcel weight and dimension limitations?

Courier companies have different capabilities and maximum limits. When you pull a quote, only the available couriers who can transport a parcel with your specified locations, weight and dimensions will be displayed.

  • DPD Laser
    • Maximum Weight: 30 kg per parcel
    • Maximum Dimensions: 60 cm (Width) x 80 cm (Height) x 70 cm (Length)
  • DSV
    • Maximum Weight: 35 kg per parcel
    • Maximum Dimensions: 42 cm (Width) x 57 cm (Height) x 57 cm (Length)
  • FedEx
    • Maximum Weight: 68 kg per parcel
    • Maximum of 274 cm in length, or a maximum of 330 cm in length and girth combined (girth = 2 x height + 2 x width)
  • Rhenus Express
    • Maximum Weight: 30 kg per parcel
    • Maximum Dimensions: 150 cm (Width) x 80 cm (Height) x 120 cm (Length)
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What does it mean to "use sender / recipient address as a billing address"?

If you choose “use sender address as billing address” - the sender will receive two e-mails - one with a new order confirmation with a payment link and another with an invoice and parcel tracking link once payment has been processed. If you choose the second option, both emails are sent to the recipient.

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How will I know that my payment has been received?

We will email you with a payment confirmation and a link to track your shipment as soon as successful payment has been received. Clicking on the link will take you to a page with details such as the parcel collection date, the estimated delivery date and also tracking information.

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How much does it cost?

On the home page, fill in the parcel details in the form: collection suburb, delivery suburb, weight and dimensions. Add the special services that you require (optional) and tap on “Continue”. A list of courier companies with the cost of shipping and various shipping options will show up. This includes the estimated collection and delivery dates.

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Can I use your service to shop on an international e-commerce site?

Unfortunately we do not offer the import option at the moment and therefore cannot ship from overseas. If the international e-commerce site (or physical store) is located in South Africa, you can pay for your goods and choose the collect option and advise the shop that a courier will collect your items. Please get the following information from the merchant prior to booking the shipment:

1) weight and dimensions of the parcel(s). 2) contact name. 3) email address. 4) mobile number of the person handing over your parcel.

Please check in advance that the parcel doesn't exceed the maximum weight and dimensions. If the merchant refuses to hand over your items to the courier, you will be charged a collection fee - therefore it's always best to reach out to the merchant first before ordering a courier with Parcelspot.

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Can I pay the driver for the shipping?

Orders are only processed once they have been settled - the shipping therefore needs to be paid beforehand. We offer multiple online payment options: debit cards, credit cards, and positive Credit Balance. Paying the driver is not available as an option (for technical and security reasons).

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Can I send a parcel with a Cash on Delivery (COD) option?

For technical and security reasons, we do not provide the COD option. However, if you need the receiver to pay for the shipment (or the sender if you are the receiver), you can select who pays when you fill in the order details. Note: You will need to be logged out of your Parcelspot account to see this option.

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I entered all parcel parameters and there is no courier service displayed.

This means that there are no courier companies available from our network who can transport your parcel. The weight or dimensions of your parcel may exceed limitations, particularly for international shipments. Try splitting your shipment into several parcels and put the information about your packages in a new quote. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, please contact Customer Care with a screenshot of the information you entered into the form and we’ll gladly assist.

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How do I cancel an order?

Contact us anytime to cancel your order. For faster identification of your shipment, please have your order number (OPxxxxx) or tracking number (PSxxxx) ready. If the shipment still hasn't been picked up, we will cancel your order and refund your payment. If the parcel has already been collected, we will advise the courier company to return the parcel to the sender (in this case, we are unable to issue a refund).

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What happens if my parcel is larger and / or heavier than the figures I filled in on my order?

Your parcel will be placed on hold and you will be rebilled for the difference for the amount owing. Once the balance has been paid, the parcel will be released for delivery. Should no payment of the balance be made after a certain number of days, the parcel will either be returned to the sender at additional cost, or the courier will destroy it.

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How do I send a parcel?

Simply fill in the form on our home page or mobile app to pull a quote. Depending on your order requirements, services and quotations from our trusted courier partners will be offered to you.

Choose the quote / service that suits you best, create your order and pay online. The sender is either required to print 4 copies of the waybill (emailed by the system upon successful payment), or needs to label the parcel with a marker - check our emails to see what applies to your particular order.

A driver will collect the parcel at the specified collection address. You can then track your shipment via the online link emailed to you.

The package is then delivered to the destination address that you have entered into your order, as per the service that you have chosen.

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How do I determine my parcel's weight if I have no scales?

You can still estimate your parcel's weight without scales. For small packages, you can compare the weight to a bag of flour, for example. For larger parcels, step on body scales with the package and again without the package, then calculate the weight difference. Should the parcel's actual weight exceed the declared weight, Parcelspot will rebill you for the difference in price (if any).

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How do I print a waybill?

The system will e-mail the sender the waybill once successful payment has been made.

Alternatively, you can login to your account (if you have registered one) and print the waybill directly from the orders list. Click on Options -> Print Waybill.

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What do I enter into the "Reference number" field?

Filling in this field is optional and is mostly used by businesses to fill in their reference numbers (their own invoice or order numbers, for example). If a reference number is not required, please leave this blank.

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Can I ship car tyres together with rims?

Yes, provided that they don’t exceed the maximum weight and dimensions. Each tyre with a rim must be ordered as a separate package when creating your order. Each tyre must be wrapped in bubble wrap and the waybill must be attached to it. If you are sending tyres only (with no rims), divide four tyres into two packages with two tyres in each. Please wrap the two tires together properly with bubble wrap.

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Can I order shipping between two other countries (for example, from Germany to Italy)?

Direct shipping between two other countries will be available in the future. We only support global shipping from a South African collection address at this point in time.

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Why do I have to declare the weight and dimensions of my parcels?

The weight and dimensions of the parcel are the main parameter for the shipping cost calculations. We need to know how much your parcel weighs and how large it is so that we can list the best available couriers and rates. If you attempt to send a parcel that weighs more or is larger than what you had declared, we have the right to rebill you for the price difference. The sender needs to obey maximum parcel dimensions, failing which, the courier company will be unable to process your package due to technical limitations.

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Can I take out protection cover on my parcel?

It is a sad reality that hijackings and theft are all too common. Parcelspot offers a parcel protection product against damage, loss and theft as an additional service, through our insurance partners, to our clients at a nominal fee. To take out cover, simply add the value of the contents of your parcel in the "PROTECTION" field when pulling a quote. Please also ensure that these guidelines are followed when packaging your parcel as damage caused by insufficient packaging may result in a claim being denied. Taking photographs of the item you're shipping (at all angles) both before and after packaging, would be invaluable to the investigation should a claim need to be made.

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What do I enter in the "Collection Note" or "Delivery Note" fields when creating an order?

Filling in these fields is optional. Use these for instructions to be given to the courier when collecting your parcel (e.g. if the driver needs to collect from security at the gate, or if the driver has to hoot upon arrival as the recipient’s doorbell is not working). NB! If you have no instructions to impart, please leave blank.

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Can I send multiple parcels in one order?

Most courier companies can ship multiple packages in one order. Simply specify the number of parcels you need to send in the first screen of your quote. (Note: parcels shall not be tied together.) You will need to attach a waybill to each parcel. If the collection occurs at one location and several shipments are being delivered to different locations, simply fill in the details for the first delivery location and add to cart, then click on "Add another parcel" and repeat until all the parcels are done. You will then only pay once for all your shipments under one order. The onus is on the sender to ensure that the correct waybills are attached to the correct parcels.

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How do I pay for orders and what are my payment options?
All payments for services are done online through PayGate, a secure payment gateway. You have multiple payment options: • Credit card • Debit card • Positive credit balance You will receive our invoice via email and your order will be processed as soon as payment is successfully received.
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Why do you require the recipient’s contact details?

The driver doing the delivery will call the recipient (if possible) when he is at the location to to deliver the package. If calls to the recipient remain unanswered, the parcel will return to the depot and the courier will advise Parcelspot, who will then reach out to the client or the receiver to arrange a delivery for the next business day.

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Can I use a billing address that is different to either the sender’s or recipient’s address?

This can be done in the second last step of the checkout process in “Order Summary”. Above “Order Details”, click on “Edit billing address”. A table will be shown in which you can enter your required billing address.

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