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If you are looking for information about how our service works, what we offer, you are in the right place. We prepared for you a selection of the most frequently asked questions divided into categories by query type.
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How do I determine shipping costs?

On the main page, fill in the parcel details: collection address, delivery address, weight and dimensions. Add the special services that you require (optional) and tap on “Continue”. A list of courier companies with the cost of shipping and various shipping options will show up.

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Can I send a parcel with a Cash on Delivery (COD) option?

Unfortunately we do not provide a COD option due to technical and security reasons.

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What happens if my parcel is larger and / or heavier than the figures I filled in on my order?

You will be billed immediately for the difference for the amount owing. In the case of the parcel being smaller or lighter, you will be given a credit on your account for the difference on the smaller charge.

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Can I pay the driver for the shipping?

We only process orders that have been settled, therefore you need to pay the shipping fee beforehand. There are multiple ways to pay for your order in the last step of the checkout. We support online payments using cards, PayPal, EFTs and proforma invoices. Paying the driver is not an available option.

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Can I order shipping between two other countries (for example, from Germany to Italy)?

Direct shipping between two other countries will be available soon. Currently, we only support shipping from South Africa.

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How do I send a parcel?

Order directly on our website or mobile app. After filling in the order details on the initial page, we will offer you a selection of various courier services, sorted by delivery time or cost.

Choose the option that fits your preferences, fill in the form and pay online. A driver will collect the parcel at the specified address. From the moment it is collected, you can track your shipment online via the link we will email you. The package is then delivered to the address that you have filled in.

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How do I pay for orders and what are my payment options?

All payments for services are done online, through GoPay, a secure payment gateway. You have multiple payment options:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • EFTs
  • PayPal

As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive our invoice via email and your order is processed.

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Can I ship car tyres together with rims?

Yes. However, each tyre on a disc must be ordered as a separate package when making a shipping order. Each tyre must be wrapped in shrink wrap for the driver to stick a label on it.

If you are sending tyres only (no rims), divide four tyres into two packages with two tyres in each. Please tighten the two tires together properly with shrink wrap.

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What do I enter into the "Reference number" field?

Filling in this field is optional and is mostly used by e-commerce businesses to fill in their internal order numbers.

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Can I send multiple parcels in one order?

Most courier companies can ship multiple packages in one order. Simply specify the number of parcels you need to send in the first screen of your quote. (Note: parcels shall not be tied together.) The driver will label each parcel accordingly - please advise on which parcel is intended to go to which recipient and the relevant addresses so that they can be delivered to the correct place.

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Is it necessary to label the parcel with the recipient’s address?

The sticker requirements are shown when choosing the courier company in the courier list. You will see either a “Label Required” sign (red printer icon) or “Label Not Required” sign (green printer icon). If labelling the parcel is required, we will send you the label via email in PDF format. This label should be printed out with the barcode as writing the address on the parcel is insufficient. If a label is not required, the courier will label your parcel upon collection.

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Can I use a billing address that is different to either the sender’s or recipient’s address?

This can be done in the second last step of the checkout process in “Order Summary”. Above “Order Details”, click on “Edit billing address”. A table will be shown in which you can enter your required billing address.

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Can I take out protection cover on my parcel?

It is a sad reality that hijackings and theft are all too common.  Parcelspot offers a parcel protection product against damage and theft as an additional service to our clients (underwritten by PrestMarine) at a nominal fee.  To take out cover, simply add the value of the contents of your parcel in the "PROTECTION" field when pulling a quote.  Please also ensure that these guidelines are followed when packaging your parcel as damage caused by insufficient packaging may result in a claim being denied.  Taking photographs of the item you're shipping (at all angles) both before and after packaging, would be invaluable to the investigation should a claim need to be made.

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Why do I have to declare the weight and dimensions of my parcels?

The weight of the parcel is the main parameter for the shipping cost calculations. We need to know how much your parcel weighs so that we can list the best available couriers and rates. If you attempt to send a parcel that weighs more than you had declared, we have the right to bill you the price difference immediately. The sender needs to obey maximum parcel dimensions, failing which, the courier company will be unable to process your package due to technical limitations.

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Why do you require the recipient’s contact details?

The delivery driver contacts the recipient on the provided phone number to relay delivery time span information. If calls to the recipient remain unanswered, the information is then sent via email.

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What do I enter in the "Remarks"; field when creating an order?

Filling in this field is optional. Businesses and e-commerce providers use this field to note their work hours and / or lunch breaks so that the driver knows when the Customer is available. You can also note the package contents, such as "tyres" or "refrigerator" so that the driver can ensure that there is enough room in their vehicle. Please don't write the address in this field - you can, however, give detailed instructions on how to find your location, or advise that a building number is not visible and the entrance is next to ABC Coffee shop.

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Can I use your service to shop on an international e-commerce site?

Unfortunately, we do not offer the possibility of shipping from foreign e-commerce sites.  If it's a brick and mortar store, you can pay for your goods in advance, choose the option of picking the items up in person and tell the shop that your items will be collected by a courier. You would need to get the weight and dimensions of the parcel(s) directly from the merchant to obtain an accurate quote.  (Please check in advance that the parcel doesn't exceed the maximum weight and dimensions.) If the merchant refuses to hand over your items to the courier, unfortunately you cannot be refunded for the shipping cost.

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How do I determine my parcel's weight if I have no scales?

You can still estimate your parcel's weight without scales. For small packages, you can compare the weight to a bottle of water, for example. For larger parcels, step on body scales with the package and again without the package, then calculate the weight difference.

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How do I print a waybill?

The system will e-mail the sender the waybill once successful payment has been made.

Alternatively, you can login to your account and print the waybill directly from the orders list. Click on Options -> Print Waybill. 

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How do I cancel on order?

Contact us anytime to cancel your order. For faster identification of your shipment, please have your order number (OPxxxxx) or tracking number (PSxxxx) ready. If the shipment still hasn't been picked up, we will cancel your order and refund your payment. If the parcel has already been collected, we will advise the courier company to return the parcel to the sender (in this case, we are unable to issue a refund).

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I entered all parcel parameters and there is no courier service displayed.

This means that there are no courier companies available from our network who can transport your parcel. The weight or dimensions of your parcel may exceed limitations, particularly for international shipments.  Try splitting your shipment into several parcels and put the information about your packages in a new quote.

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What does it mean to "use sender / recipient address as a billing address"?

If you choose “use sender address as billing address” - the sender will receive two e-mails - one with a new order confirmation and another with an invoice and parcel tracking link once your payment has been processed. If you choose the second option, both emails are sent to the recipient.

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How do I verify that my payment has been processed?

We will e-mail you your invoice and a link to track your shipment as soon as your payment has been processed. Clicking on the link takes you to a page with details on parcel collection and estimated time of arrival.

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What are the parcel weight and dimension limitations?

Each courier company has different abilities and maximum service limits. When quoting for shipping options, we only show the providers who can transport a parcel with the weight and dimensions that you have specified.

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