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If you are looking for information about how our service works, what we offer, you are in the right place. We prepared for you a selection of the most frequently asked questions divided into categories by query type.
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Can I choose a specific pickup time?

Unfortunately not. Pickup and delivery times are dependent on the driver's schedule and route for the day and any obstacles encountered along the way (traffic accidents, weather, etc.). You can always add your preferred times to the relevant notes field - our valued courier partners will attempt to schedule as per your request but it may not be guaranteed.

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Are collection and delivery times guaranteed?

Courier companies try their best to deliver your parcels on time, and they have a success rate of approximately 95%. However, we cannot guarantee that there won't be unforeseen delays on route (weather, customs, traffic accidents, etc.). Having parcels ready for shipping (properly packaged and labelled) and being reachable at collection addresses is essential for timeous deliveries. Recipients should track packages online and be ready to expect calls from the drivers once the tracking shows that the parcels have been loaded into the cars for deliveries.

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Will the courier driver contact me before picking up the package?

The driver usually calls you shortly before arriving at your destination or when he is in front of your location. However, this is never guaranteed due to certain situations (such as network issues during loadshedding, running out of airtime or battery power, lack of signal, etc.).

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The courier didn't arrive on the scheduled day to pick up the parcel. What should I do?

Parcelspot is your sole point of contact for any issues such as this one. Please email us with your order number (OPxxxxx) or shipment number (PSxxxx). We will verify why the pick-up didn't occur and reschedule the collection. 

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Can I drop off the parcel personally?

Our services are door to door - our Valued Courier Partner will collect from you, so no need to drop your parcel off. However, if you really want to drop your parcel off, please contact us and we will make the arrangements for you. There will be no discount should you choose to drop your parcel off as our services are all door-to-door.

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What is the parcel collection and delivery process?

A driver arrives at the collection address you specify in your order. He will come to the front of your building and receive your parcel from the sender, signing for collection. The driver then takes the parcel to the hub after he has completed the collections and deliveries for the day. The hub weighs and measures the parcel and processes it to be put into transit (if sending long distance, this may be repeated at depots along the way). Finally, the destination hub processes the parcel for delivery and the driver hands the parcel to the receiver, obtaining confirmation of delivery via signature.

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What happens if my parcel is larger and / or heavier than the figures I filled in on my order?

Your parcel will be placed on hold and you will be rebilled for the difference for the amount owing. Once the balance has been paid, the parcel will be released for delivery. Should no payment of the balance be made after a certain number of days, the parcel will either be returned to the sender at additional cost, or the courier will destroy it.

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