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If you are looking for information about how our service works, what we offer, you are in the right place. We prepared for you a selection of the most frequently asked questions divided into categories by query type.
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How do I determine shipping costs?

On the main page, fill in the parcel details: collection address, delivery address, weight and dimensions. Add the special services that you require (optional) and tap on “Continue”. A list of courier companies with the cost of shipping and various shipping options will show up.

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Why are your prices lower than the quotes I'm getting directly from the courier companies?

Our rates are lower because we clear high shipment volumes and have agreements in place with our valued Courier Partners. We then pass on the lower rates and additional services that we get, to our valued Customers.

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What happens if my parcel is larger and / or heavier than the figures I filled in on my order?

You will be billed immediately for the difference for the amount owing. In the case of the parcel being smaller or lighter, you will be given a credit on your account for the difference on the smaller charge.

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Can I pay the driver for the shipping?

We only process orders that have been settled, therefore you need to pay the shipping fee beforehand. There are multiple ways to pay for your order in the last step of the checkout. We support online payments using cards, PayPal, EFTs and proforma invoices. Paying the driver is not an available option.

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How do I pay for orders and what are my payment options?

All payments for services are done online, through GoPay, a secure payment gateway. You have multiple payment options:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • EFTs
  • PayPal

As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive our invoice via email and your order is processed.

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Why do I have to declare the weight and dimensions of my parcels?

The weight of the parcel is the main parameter for the shipping cost calculations. We need to know how much your parcel weighs so that we can list the best available couriers and rates. If you attempt to send a parcel that weighs more than you had declared, we have the right to bill you the price difference immediately. The sender needs to obey maximum parcel dimensions, failing which, the courier company will be unable to process your package due to technical limitations.

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Can I get a discount if I make many regular orders?

If you run an e-commerce site, you have a store, you're a business or you sell your products through third party internet platforms, we will offer you special terms and prices. You can learn more about our special offers here. Apply to be a ParcelSpot SA partner here or contact us - we have solutions for everyone.

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Is the online quote price final, or do other surcharges apply?

Yes, all prices are final. Our smart algorithm calculates all the applicable surcharges and shows the final shipping price. You pay the shipping fee in advance on our site - you don't pay anything to the driver. 

The only instances where this may not apply, are as follows:

  • You under declare the weight and / or dimensions of your parcel (i.e. it's actually a lot heavier and bigger than claimed, pushing it into a higher price bracket).  
  • A special request is made for a collection or delivery that falls outside of regular hours.
  • When the location(s) is a port or an harbour, a high risk or remote area, inside a shopping centre, on a farm or game farm, or an embassy or consulate.
  • Tender deliveries.

In such cases, Parcelspot will get in touch with you to rebill you for the difference.

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Can I get credits?

Please contact us - our Sales Department will provide you with information on our partnership and contract options.

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Do you have a full price list?

We recommend using our online shipping calculator as this will always get you the most accurate final shipping quotes. We have also compiled a rates schedule for the delivery costs within South Africa.  Please request an up-to-date schedule from

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How do I verify that my payment has been processed?

We will e-mail you your invoice and a link to track your shipment as soon as your payment has been processed. Clicking on the link takes you to a page with details on parcel collection and estimated time of arrival.

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What are the parcel weight and dimension limitations?

Each courier company has different abilities and maximum service limits. When quoting for shipping options, we only show the providers who can transport a parcel with the weight and dimensions that you have specified.

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Can I get any discounts?

If you open an account with us, you get a 2.5% discount on all your shipping costs (simply pull the quotes while logged into your account), amongst other benefits.  You can also get percentage of your spend this month as cash back on your account on the first day of the following month to use towards your courier fees in that month, based on a tier (the higher your spend, the higher your cash back percentage will be).

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