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How do I claim if my parcel is lost or damaged while in transit?

Please fill in the claims form here. Upon investigation, if successful, we will reimburse you for the full shipping fee if the parcel has been lost. You can only claim for loss or damage to the value of the contents of your parcel if you have taken out protection cover on your parcel with Parcelspot. Also, if only part of the contents are damaged, we will only reimburse you for the damaged items and not the undamaged contents. You can find more information in our Claims Policy.

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Can I take out protection cover on my parcel?

It is a sad reality that hijackings and theft are all too common. Parcelspot offers a parcel protection product against damage, loss and theft as an additional service, through our insurance partners, to our clients at a nominal fee. To take out cover, simply add the value of the contents of your parcel in the "PROTECTION" field when pulling a quote. Please also ensure that these guidelines are followed when packaging your parcel as damage caused by insufficient packaging may result in a claim being denied. Taking photographs of the item you're shipping (at all angles) both before and after packaging, would be invaluable to the investigation should a claim need to be made.

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Can I ship fragile goods?

Please note that glass and fragile items are on the prohibited items list. However, you may still ship glass and fragile items (these are the only exceptions to the prohibited items list that can be transported), provided that the fragile goods are packaged securely (please see our packaging tips). However, this will be entirely at your own risk and Parcelspot and our valued Courier Partners will not be held responsible should any damage occur. The parcel must be labelled on all sides with "Fragile" stickers to notify the courier driver that the contents are fragile and therefore needs gentle handling. Package contents that aren't restricted from transport but are on the list of limited responsibility can be shipped - however, the customer will have no reimbursement rights should any damages occur. We recommend taking out protection cover on your shipment as well - simply add the value of the contents of your parcel to the "PROTECTION" field when pulling a quote. Please note that neither Parcelspot nor their valued Courier Partners are liable for any fragile items that are not adequately and securely packaged.

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I can't find the protection cover on the waybill.

Please note that your protection cover is with Parcelspot and not with the courier. This is an additional safety measure so that the driver will not be privy to the value of your parcel's contents. You can still see the protection cover amount on your order as a confirmation that there is indeed cover on your shipment.

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What items cannot be sent?

Please visit this page for a list of restricted and prohibited items.

International shipments are subject to the restrictions imposed by the particular destination countries. Restrictions are usually placed on alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, drugs and fuel.

The sender is responsible for the contents of the parcel and should always check with the customs office at the designated country to ensure that the particular goods being sent are allowed for import.

International shipments might be subject to inspection and a bill of lading (B/L) might be required. If the sender cannot provide the B/L when it is requested, the shipment might be returned.

We suggest complying with the list of restricted items in packages. Goods that aren't restricted from shipping but are on the limited responsibility list can be shipped. However, the Customer will have no reimbursement rights should damages occur on these.

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