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If you are looking for information about how our service works, what we offer, you are in the right place. We prepared for you a selection of the most frequently asked questions divided into categories by query type.
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Can I use your service to shop on an international e-commerce site?

Unfortunately we do not offer the import option at the moment and therefore cannot ship from oversees. If the international e-commerce site (or physical store) is located in South Africa, you can pay for your goods and choose the collect option and advise the shop that a courier will collect your items. Please get the following information from the merchant prior to booking the shipment: 1) weight and dimensions of the parcel(s), 2) contact name, 3) email address, 4) mobile number of the person handing over your parcel. Please check in advance that the parcel doesn't exceed the maximum weight and dimensions. If the merchant refuses to hand over your items to the courier, you will be charged a collection fee - it's always best to first reach out to the merchant before ordering a courier with Parcelspot.

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Who will deliver my parcel when it arrives at the destination country?

It depends on the service and the courier company that you chose. Please contact Customer Care with the parcel tracking number (formatted as PSxxxxxxxxxx) and we will be able to provide you with this information.

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What happens to parcels that cannot be delivered to the recipients?

If the recipient isn't available at his / her address and isn't answering phone calls, the courier will advise Parcelspot. We will then contact the receiver to notify them that the courier is attempting to deliver the parcel and make the required arrangements. If the recipient is unreachable telephonically, we will then contact the sender to obtain an alternative number. Repeated unsuccessful delivery attempts, however, may result in the parcel being returned at the payee's expense.

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How much will my parcel's import duty be?

Import duty is a tax imposed on the recipient by the destination country's government and does not form any part of what we charge you (which is the shipping fee, a separate service). We recommend contacting the customs office at the receiver's country to get this information prior to booking the shipping with Parcelspot.

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I have just paid but have not received my commercial invoice and waybill, what shall I do?

Unlike domestic shipments (which are fully automated), international shipments are manually checked by the Parcelspot team prior to exporting the order to the courier. This is to ensure that all items being sent are compliant with the destination country's import laws and that the commercial invoice is correctly filled in. This will avoid the hassle of, for example, your shipment being stopped at customs because you have an item or two in the parcel that is prohibited for import. We also get in touch with you should we need any documents or forms filled in - part of our service is facilitating this process for you (taking the bulk of the admin work off your shoulders).

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