We deliver parcels with care - conveniently and easily.

While you do business, Parcelspot delivers your parcels. It doesn't matter whether you choose to send tens or hundreds of packages a month - with Parcelspot, you just need to pack!

We take care of your parcels. You take care of your business!

Parcelspot for Freelancers

Parcels not being sent daily? No problem!

No Limitations
Skip the Queues
Easy Payments
It’s Your Choice

Parcelspot for Start-Ups

Are you as enthusiastic about your business as we are? Let's grow together!

Send Without Barriers
Send Without Queuing or Worries
Easy Payments
Send Flexibly

Parcelspot for SMEs

Maybe you don't need to send anything today or tomorrow, then suddenly you need to send many parcels at once? Let’s talk!

Send Sporadically
Send Cheaply
Send Swiftly
Send Easily

Parcelspot for Online Shops

Is sending parcels a daily routine for you? We take the stress off your hands.

Send Cheaper
Send in Bulk
Get Options
Send Without Barriers

Parcelspot for Corporates

You send large amounts of shipments daily, but now you need to send shipments across Africa. We are here to offer you solutions for your every need.

Send as Required
Easy Payments
No Restrictions
Send Globally

While you do business, Parcelspot takes care of your parcels.

“The big advantage is the choice of several carriers at very reasonable prices.”
Margo S.
“Reliability of shipment delivery is 99.9%”
KKAuto Parts
“It would be hard to find another such a flexible company like Parcelspot.com.”
Katie H.
“They have unbeatable prices abroad even for lower turnovers”
Rene R.

What else is there to worry about?

  • Payment with a positive credit balance, debit / credit card, PayPal or via EFT
  • Access to all couriers with one app
  • API connection
  • Instant VIP customer support
  • Regular or on-demand collections
  • Mobile app
  • Shipping rules
  • Advanced notifications and tracking
  • Non-delivery notifications via e-mail
  • Clear statistics
  • Proforma invoices