How to Send Packages with Parcelspot

Parcelspot is a revolutionary transport service. Forget postal service queues, high prices, minimum volumes, complex courier contracts, dropping parcels off…. (The list is endless, we know – so we’ll just stop here!)

It’s so simple to send a parcel with Parcelspot. Just pack your parcel and fill in the required information by ordering here – Parcelspot will do the rest. The courier you choose will collect your parcel within the next day and deliver it safely to its destination.

Send in 3 Easy Steps

1. Pack

Pack your parcel, measure and weigh.

2. Order

Enter the collection and destination addresses, as well as the parcel weight and dimensions. Select the courier service you want – express, economy or abroad. Pay and wait – that’s it!

3. Courier Arrives

The courier comes to collect your parcel within the next day – no need to drop it off.
It’s just that simple!

Measuring the Parcel’s Size and Weight

Enter all the necessary data into the form (found on

Ensure that the weight and dimensions are as accurate as possible. When in doubt, err on the side of caution and be generous with your data to avoid being charged again for the price difference between the numbers you have entered and the actual figures (Parcelspot will credit your account if the shipment is smaller or lighter than you have foreseen).
Parcelspot also has couriers for oversized shipments.

How to Pack the Parcel and Print Labels

We recommend having a look at the packaging instructions page. We have prepared these guidelines for your convenience (your parcel is as valuable to us as it is to you) as we want your shipments to arrive safely and securely. However, we can only do so much on your behalf – we need your assistance to make sure that your parcel contents are adequately protected.

Print 4 copies of the waybill (or according to the instructions in the email sent to you). When the courier arrives, you both sign all 4 copies. You keep one and the courier fixes one to the parcel and takes the rest with him.

Select the Courier Service that Suits You

Parcelspot provides you with comprehensive courier offerings. We also add additional couriers and services constantly, ensuring that you always have the best deal.

Parcelspot will find and present all the courier services that are tailored to your specific needs. Thereafter, the choice is yours.

Enter Details and Pay Online – Securely!

Filling in information can be dull. Parcelspot rescues account holders from the tediousness of filling in addresses again and again. The address book function allows users to save favourite and frequent addresses – all they need to do is select the one they want when ordering.

Add as many parcels to one order as necessary. Set up your billing information. Then complete the order and pay.

Parcelspot offers debit card, credit card and EFT payment options with a secure payment gateway. Alternatively, you can pay with a positive credit balance.

Wait for the Courier

After preparing the shipment and booking a collection through Parcelspot, there is nothing more to do except wait for the courier to arrive.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to book specific pick up times. The courier will collect at any time between 08h00 and 18h00 from Mondays to Fridays, depending on the area and availability. If you cannot remain at the collection address, try asking a friend, relative or a neighbour, for example, to hand over the parcel on your behalf. The consignment does not need to be handed over personally.

In the rare instance that the driver does not pick up your shipment by 16h30, we highly recommend that you contact Parcelspot.

Track Your Shipment Online – Anytime

Track your parcel and enter the unique tracking number (with the format PSXXXXX) that Parcelspot e-mails you when you place your order. This allows you to track where your parcel is at any given time.

Parcelspot still sends updates via push notifications, SMS or e-mail when collections and deliveries are done.

Courier Delivers

Excellent! As you are required to fill in the recipient’s contact number and e-mail address when ordering through Parcelspot, the courier informs the recipient of the pending delivery, in advance.

If, however, the recipient is not present at the destination address when the courier arrives, another delivery attempt will be made the next business day. (Most courier services offer up to three delivery attempts. The exceptions are some countries such as the UK, where packages are stored at the depo for pickup after the first delivery attempt.)

Of course, the Parcelspot system informs you of all shipment statuses via push notifications, SMS or e-mail.

What are you waiting for?